David Rae

Editor, journalist, writer, cyclist, beer drinker, wife and kid lover, cycle commuter. Co-founder of &Bike.

Arran: notes from a Scottish isle

© David Rae

The Isle of Arran, a kidney-bean shaped island off the west coast of Scotland, is a perfect introduction to Scotland, offering an introduction to the ways and whims of island life as well as a taste of the raw beauty of the western isles. The largest island in the Firth of Clyde, Arran is easily accessible via …

The custodians of Torm

© Torm.cc

“Sigh… can everyone stop ripping off my shit please?” tweeted Rapha co-founder Luke Scheybeyer in October 2010, having pointed to the product pages of Torm. He was suggesting that the startup cycle-clothing company based in Broadstairs, Kent, was getting a little close to the bone with its figure-hugging, classic-styled Sportswool jerseys. Not long after Scheybeyer’s micro-rant, …

Recycling China. By bike

© Nick Sinclair

The hectic urban growth of mainland China has been the story of the past fifty years as millions upon millions of rural Chinese continue to leave poverty-stricken lives in the paddy fields for the riches and glamour of the cities. Of course, it doesn’t quite work like that. The riches of the city are only …