We’ve been around the block a few times now.

In the beginning, we wrote about bikes, and races, and drugs, and commuting, and mountain passes, and cyclists, and frame builders. We interviewed some of them, went for a ride with others and even met Ivan Basso. It was good fun; time consuming, but rewarding.

But the truth is, riding bikes is what really motivates us. It provides inspiration, takes us to places that are worth writing about, connects us to people worth talking to.

And, so, our strap line has been updated to reflect this. From 2017 onwards, our writing will evolve from that which is focused almost exclusively on cycling, to that which has been ‘powered by cycling’.

It may be an idea that pops into our head while spinning up an Alpine pass, or curiosity over the history of a derelict building passed on a Sunday ride, or, well, it could be anything really.

The only stipulation will be that it’s interesting, well researched and well written.

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&Bike. Powered by cycling.